Wow! Seoul Has Ambition to Become the World’s First Metaverse City

Seoul has a wish to be the world’s first Metaverse city by planning to build a platform for ‘contactless communication’ by the end of the coming 2022.

In the announcement on September, Mayor Oh Se-hoon attended with typical Metaverse virtual avatars. Back then he spoke if there were any demands for change in how to serve the public.

Seoul Has Ambition to Become the World’s First Metaverse City

Wow! Seoul Has Ambition to Become the World's First Metaverse City

Project Metaverse is part of Oh Se-hoon 10-year plan, where Seoul wants to be placed as a global hub for new technologies. In five years, the project cost nearly US$34 million.

This project under the temporary name Metaverse Seoul aims created Metaverse ecosystem for such city administration in three stages and will begin next year. One of the events closest to this technology is the New Year’s Eve event, which is by ringing the traditional Bosingak bell in the Metaverse platform.

In addition, consulting and civil services available only at City Hall will also be redirected to Metaverse world. Seoul will also provide business support facilities on the Metaverse platform. For example  Office Virtual, Seoul Fintech Lab, Invest Seoul, and Seoul Campus City.

In the tourism industry will also introduce ‘Virtual Tourist Zone’, from 2023 tourists can visit Seoul’s main festivals in Metaverse, such as Gwanghwamun Plaza, Deoksugung Palace, and Namdaermun Market.

In its plan, residents of Metaverse Seoul can make city-run facilities, take city tour buses, visit historic site remakes, to file administrative complaints with bureaucratsat town.


Metaverse Seoul is expected to be completed by 2026 and launch gradually starting next year. It will gradually become available on smartphones until it can be used on augmented reality devices e.g. and glasses controllers.

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