Virtual Property Boom in Metaverse, How Do Investors Like it?

Nowadays more and more investment companies are recognizing the digital land side on the metaverse, where performers simulate real life, ranging from shopping to attending concerts.

Investors are now betting that individuals and companies will spend money using virtual homes and retail space while hoping that property value will increase as more people join this digital world.

Virtual Property Boom in Metaverse, How Do Investors Like it?

Virtual Property Boom in Metaverse, How Do Investors Like it?

Although it is utopian, transactions for properties in the domain The digital that continues to surge day by day remains following the same principle in the real world: strategic location selection. Investors’ interest in virtual real estate gets added boost when last month Facebook officially renamed it Meta Platform Inc. and said it would focus on the online world, which is commonly called the metaverse.

Global market for goods and services in metaverse estimate will soon touch US$1 trillion, according to digital currency investor Grayscale.

This is not without reason, previously a number of Large latans such as music concerts have been successfully carried out on the metaverse.

This month Justin Bieber performed a concert, not in arena music or stadium as in general but in the digital world. Previously other world top musicians such as Ariana Grande, the Weekend and Travis Scott, had also performed concerts on metavsere, which offers a stunning four-dimensional experience.

Besides the fans from all over the world who watched the sweep Their favorite chanting his hit songs, Investors also joined in paying attention and preparing when the digital ground explosion occurred. While taking over the concert venue, center pergroceries, and other digital properties on the metaverse.

Metaverse consists of multiple digital domains. Each of the mated like a 3-D virtual city where avatars – self-representation in cyberspace – live, work, and play. Popular video game players like Fortnite, Animal Crossing, and Roblox may be familiar with this concept.


Technology experts who develop and benefit from metaverse believes that such a digital world will grow into a fully functioning economy in the coming years and offer a synchronous digital experience that will be integrated into our lives as do email and social networks that are already fused with today’s everyday life.

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