Rectangular Garden Design With Pergola and Deck

Rectangular Garden Design –¬†An expert landscape architect begins with a detailed property survey and topographic map, then generally constructs a planned landscape design which will be implemented with equipment that can be either electric-powered or hydraulic. Advanced computer programs help you visually visualize your planned Design, thus improving the aesthetic look of the area. Enhancing the look of a space by changing its shapes, adding ornamental plants, or simply planting more trees and shrubs which make the area look much more appealing to the eye. The main key to landscape architecture is the visual effect, which is improved if the landscaping is applied in the correct scale and proportions and appears as if it was planned and executed with careful attention to detail. A good landscape architect will generally have some previous experience in landscape architecture, as this is often required when undertaking large scale landscape projects like installing walkways and driveways. This knowledge will help guide the architect through the design process.

The first thing to consider in a rectangular landscape design is how big your yard is. You must also consider any trees or shrubs you have surrounding your yard. This information will affect your choice of materials, plants, borders, edging, lighting, walkways, fencing and fixtures. Your landscape designer should let you know what are your available options and should work with you to create an attractive layout that fits your budget as well as your personal preference for landscaping.

In the planning phase of your rectangular backyard patio or garden design, you first need to divide your space into sections by drawing or typing out your lawn and yard sizes on graph paper. To give a better idea of how your yard or garden will look like when constructed, try drawing different shapes onto your graph paper. These include circles, squares, rectangles, ovals and quadrilaterals. These will later serve as the basis for your plans for the rectangular design of your backyard patio or garden.

When planning the specifics of your new landscaping project, decide whether you want to use a concrete slab or a paving stone and whether you will have a walkway, gazebo, pergola, deck, arbor or garden trellis as your landscaping focal point. Decide if you would like to include a pool or spa in your backyard patio or backyard pool design. This will depend on your personal preferences. It may also be determined by how large of a patio or pool you want and if your yard could accommodate it. Once you have decided these items, determine whether or not you have the necessary financing for such a project.

Your next landscaping idea would be to add a small deck or sun porch to your rectangular yard. Larger decks can be built on existing foundations or raised decking. Pergolas can add grace to your yard and give your backyard patio or garden design a tropical atmosphere. Pergolas can also be designed with gazebos and arbors and provide an extra touch of elegance and tropical landscaping design.

The last landscaping idea for your backyard would be to add a hot tub or Jacuzzi to your deck or patio. Hot tubs come in many sizes and shapes, so you are sure to find one that will suit your backyard. Jacuzzis are great because they provide privacy, beauty and relaxation. You will want to make sure your Jacuzzi is deep enough and has sturdy sides to prevent slipping in the water. Choose one that offers a locking system for added security.

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