Microsoft Boss Talks Metaverse Technology, Want to Join Facebook?

Metaverse is becoming a trend these days, many companies clink The world includes Microsoft. President of Microsoft, Brad Smith explains the concept of metaverse that his company is working on.

Facebook is known to have renamed its company Meta. Shortly, Microsoft also joined the trend and said about metaverse related projects in its upload on corporate blogs.

Microsoft Boss Talk Metaverse Technology

Microsoft Boss Talks Metaverse Technology, Want to Join Facebook?
Microsoft Boss Talks Metaverse Technology, Want to Join Facebook?

“We’re all talking metaverse as we get into dimensions new. It’s not like dying and going to heaven. We’ll all live in the real world with people,” Smith was quoted as saying from Reuters, Thursday (4/11/2021).

Smith adds it needs collaboration and  interoper ability the development of the metaverse world. According to him, the metaverse will become very big and important later. But on the other hand it also takes a lot of work to do regarding metaverse.

“I thought (metaverse) would be very big, and quite a important. We have to make sure it protects privacy, digital security and protects from disinformation, manipulation. We have a lot to do,” he said.

Glazing at the explosive interest in technology vision in years-year, Smith noted it is important not to let ‘hype’ obscure long-term technology trends.

Smith also said ultimately the actor in the techno giant logic such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Apple will develop its own metaversion version.

“Everyone is going to enter this,” Smith said.

Last week, Facebook was known to rename the company  Meta. This followed by its focus on building metaverse, a shared virtual environment that is claimed to be successful in mobile internet.

While announcing the company’s new name, Mark Zuckerberg notes will the Facebook name no longer cover everything the company does. Although the name became the most widely used product in the world.

According to Zuckerberg, his company is like social media yet actually what it does is build technology and connect people. It was there that the metaverse became a new chapter over the company it founded.

“And the Metaverse represents the next limit as does the media social  as we started,” Zuckerberg said.


So is the article about Brad Smith’s response to technology metaverse. Hopefully this article will add to our knowledge of the virtual world. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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