Metaverse the Future of the Internet? Here Says Google Boss

Metaverse becomes the technology that’s the ingredient of the potterraan. Facebook goes a step further by renaming Meta’s company and ensuring entry into Metaverse.

But it turned out that Google’s boss, Sundar Pichai mention the future of the internet is not on virtual reality.

Metaverse the Future of the Internet?

Metaverse the Future of the Internet? Here Says Google Boss

Long before there was a virtual assistant from Alexa, Siri dan Google, internet search is the old base. Before Chrome so the browser default to search for something, however from the 2000s users had to type throughout the manually to access the search engine.

Once the search is done, then there will be a world presented to the users. That is, the merging of the internet is as sought and has been constantly carried out.

According to Pichai, this is the road to the future the internet. “I feel fortunate that our mission did not extend time,” he said, quoted from News 18, Friday (19/11/2021).

“There is more need to organize information than ever”.

He said do not believe the future in the hands of vuctual yet exists on AI (artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence).

“I’m always excited about the future of computing imersive, It doesn’t belong to any company. It’s the evolution of the internet,” Pichai said.

Google has actually also taken some kali approach of virtual and augmented reality products. His success, according to the site’s report, was limited.

In late October, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg ensures the company changes its name and image to Meta. This makes the company bring together a variety of applications and technologies in one new brand.


Meta is also the company’s one step more effort build Metaverse. This technology is a virtual world that people in different devices can access.

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