Metaverse Criticism, Elon Musk Prefer Neuralink, What Is It?

Unlike most people who welcome the presence Metaverse, Elon Musk is acting the opposite way. He’s even more supportive of Neuralink’s existence.

He said feeling uncomfortable with a t device squeeze on the head all the time. Metaverse, according to SpaceX’s boss is still a long way off.

Elon Musk Prefer Neuralink, What Is It?

Metaverse Criticism, Elon Musk Prefer Neuralink, What Is It?

The 50-year-old man instead offered an alternative to Metaverse, which is a chip implanted in the human brain.

It’s being worked on the ‘computer brain’ interface company, Neuralink, which Elon Musk founded. According to him, that company could put someone completely inside virtual reality.

“In the long run, sophisticated neuralink could put you are fully in virtual reality,” he explained.

Elon Musk also talked about Web3. It’s a democratization concept Internet , rebuilding it around Blockchain.

He described it as ‘more marketing than reality’.

“I don’t understand, but I don’t get it, yet, let’s talks like that.”

Metaverse does become the fruit of lips in almost the whole world in recent times. In fact, Facebook renamed it Meta and is under development of that technology.

Meta pushes through VR headset, makes its Metaverse peddlein is more meaningful because it connects with others. But the concept turned out to be recognized one of his employees is far from perfect.

Company representative for global affairs and communications, Nick Clegg acknowledges the experience he feels is still lacking.

“If I raise my head, it’s because I’m drinking This ugly and headset is too big for me to drink coffee without moving my headset,” he told the Financial Times recently.


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