It Turns Out It’s Mark Zuckerberg’s Dream Metaverse Form

Mark Zuckerberg Finally Announces Meta So Name The company is replacing Facebook. The name referring to the Metaverse turned out to have been the subject of conversation since last 2018.

This is visible from the documents that the O executive submitted Jason Rubin sent an email board member Marc Andreessen in June 2018. The email had the subject “THE METAVERSE”. The document was 50 pages thick containing a build strategy virtual world.

Mark Zuckerberg’s dream Metaverse Form

It Turns Out It's Mark Zuckerberg's Dream Metaverse Form
It Turns Out It’s Mark Zuckerberg’s Dream Metaverse Form

“We believe the right way to break through the impression consumers’ concern for VR is to provide what they expect and want from the media,” wrote the first slide of the document, quoted Monday (1/11/2021). The document is detonating accede the basis for Meta’s futuristic ambitions. Designed to describe a very different world from the one Facebook occupies that faces unstoppable negative news.

In the document sent 2018, they imagined users develop virtual ads through the digital world, filled with virtual items that could be purchased. There will be a virtual person married and spent time called ‘metaverse’. The final designation refers to the real world because humans are flesh and blood. Rubin also wrote the phrase ‘shock and awe’ 12 times as a depiction of the desired experience.

It wasn’t just Andreessen’s acceptance. But also accepted by Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth who is head of Facebook’s hardware division and becomes chief technology officer starting next year. As well as being delivered to Hugo Barra who serve as vice president of virtual reality. The source who gave the document had no authority to talk about it. However Rubin had confirmed the validity in an interview on Friday (29/10/2021).

He thinks the company has thought of the concept of metaverse that is the way to attract general consumers. Because Virtual Reality is not popular in general. Zuckerberg himself says the company sees the metaverse as the following limitation in technology. That’s where people will live, work and play.


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