Installing A Natural Stone Backsplash

Natural stone tile designs are some of the most interesting and beautiful tile designs for a bathroom floor. The beauty of natural stone tile is evident in its many variations such as colors, patterns, veining, fractures, and mosaic. These variations and unique features make natural stone tile art work even more interesting to decorate a bathroom with. There are endless options and styles of natural stone tiles available for use as bathroom backsplashes.

Shown above: Piacenza natural stone tile backsplash. Geometric tiles such as the Piacenza stone with thin-set interlocking veining can create dramatic artistic dimensional design on an individual tile wall. This tile variation can raise an otherwise dull, understated ambience and create a pop which would not be noticed in other wall textures.

Natural stone tile is also popular as a backsplash design in shower stalls. A tile backsplash in a shower stall can be a rectangular or square shape. A natural stone tile backsplash, when finished, creates a flush trim along the floor around the shower stall. The style of a tile backsplash is usually determined by the material of the tile and the manufacturer’s standard. Marble is considered one of the sturdiest and hardest materials for backsplashes, making it ideal for use as a shower and/or bath backsplash.

The use of a natural stone tile backsplash is also ideal for use on the wall behind a sink. Bathroom countertops are typically made of granite. Granite countertops have a high contrast to the natural color of the countertop, but they do not show fingerprints like many synthetic materials. A granite countertop can be used as a high contrast option between the wall and the countertop when using a granite countertop as a backsplash. Because granite counters are expensive, they should only be used as a backsplash for surfaces that are affordable enough to replace if desired.

The kitchen is often the most expensive room in a house. Countertops and backsplashes add value to the overall home. If remodeling a kitchen space, including replacing kitchen countertops and backsplashes, is desired, it is a good idea to research the best materials for the job. subway tile is a durable, low-maintenance material that can be customized to fit many decorating styles. With proper care, subway tile can be the perfect material for a high-contrast, low-maintenance kitchen space.

With proper installation and caring for, a natural stone tile backsplash can add value to any home. To find the right tiles for the job, be sure to shop around. Look at pictures and measure the area, then choose the tiles that best fit. A quality product will last for many years and add character to any kitchen space. If a natural tile backsplash is desired, choose a high quality material with a long life and beautiful patterns.

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