How to Buy Clothes and Houses on Metaverse, What Do They Wear?

Metaverse still continues to be a hot topic that is an ingredient the talk among the world’s tech lovers. In short, the metaverse could allow internet users to engage in activities virtually with 3D views including buying and owning land activities.

This metaverse was originally jolted by the Facebook company and it turns out that it’s not just Mark Zuckerberg’s company that’s started developing the virtual world of metaverse. But many other companies in this field joined the movement to develop the metaverse world.

How to Buy Clothes and Home in Metaverse

How to Buy Clothes and Houses on Metaverse, What Do They Wear?

Even though you are currently in Indonesia, you are also already can do clothes and home buying transactions through this metaverse. Users can shop for clothes and build big houses in the metaverse world.

Indeed to do the transaction on the metaverse is a little difficult.However, ways to buy clothes and land or houses on this metaverse could be studied. Let’s discuss it one by one.

Payment Transactions in Metaverse

To perform account and transaction unlocks on a metaverse platform, the user is prompted to set up a crypto wallet that will hold all digital currencies. One popular wallet frequently used is MetaMask wallet

MetaMask crypto wallet configurable and downloadable via seluler or extension of the Google Chrome browser. With this wallet, you could make transactions such as exchanging money into crypto currency using debit cards or credit cards.

Types of Crypto Used Metaverse

The type of crypto used on this metaverse world is dependent from the platform you use to explore new worlds. Each metaverse platform has its own crypto token used to perform transactions. As for the crypto types commonly used on metaverse platforms are as follows:

Ether (ETH): Typically used for digit land selling in the metaverse world.

MANA: Original Cryptocurrency present in Decentraland Marketplace to sell land, avatars, items such as clothing, accessories and interact with other users. MANA will give you the ability to select specific spec of the game, such as NFT auction activities and policy updates.

SAND: This crypto is similar to MANA that can be used fork sell land, play games or do an NFT auction at Sandbox Marketplace.

AXS: Cryptocurrency used on population gaming platform Axis Infinity. It can be purchased through crypto exchanges as well as players can get AXS tokens by letting digital pets (Axies), unique NFTs, used to compete at games and tournaments.

How to Turn Money Into Crypto

There are several popular platforms for purchasing cryptocurr Encyclopedia metaverse, one of which is Binance, Gemini and Coinbase. This application will help you to convert fiat currency to the crypto metaverse you need.

When you already have crypto currency such as Bitcoin and Ether, you could directly exchange it for the metaverse token you need.

Buy Land or Home in Decentraland

If you want to make a sale, buy or lease transaction well and home please use Decentraland’s official marketplace with the following steps:

  • Visit the Decentraland Marketplace.
  • Then please you select an available virtual land.
  • You could see the land price through the Mana token, information availability and the name of the owner.
  • Please click buy to make a purchase transaction.
  • Connect your wallet to the Decentraland Marketplace due tawell it will be sent to your wallet as NFT once the purchase sale transaction is successful and completed. If you do not already have it, please download your wallet at MetaMask and Trust Wallet.
  • Perform your virtual LAND confirmation.
  • Confirm virtual LAND in your digital wallet.
  • Make a payment using crypto currency.

Buy Land or Home on Earth

Next, you could do a land purchase transaction, homes and other items using Earth Marketplace in the manner below:

  • Please visit the Earth page and do registration.
  • You could do a survey of the land to be purchased.
  • If it has found, please click buy land on the homepage.
  • Specify the ground plot you want.
  • Tip the ground plot you select will show the number of non-purchasable per property maximum transaction of 750 tenements at varying prices.
  • If it is fixed, please pay for the land to be purchased with click Buy Now.
  • Payment can be made by using PayPal.


How is it? How’s it going? Is with the above information regarding sellingĀ  land and goods, make you interested for property investment in the metaverse world?

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