Here’s Bill Gates’ Prediction on Facebook’s Metaverse Fate

In a year-end upload on his personal blog, founder Bill Gates Microsoft alluded to the Metaverse. The virtual world it’s called will change the future of work. In the future, the company will be more flexible on its employees to work remotely. No longer work from the office.

The 2D meeting in question is a gabled platform for online meetings such as Zoom or Teams. While Metaverse presents everything in 3D.

Bill Gates’ Prophecy of Facebook’s Metaverse Fate

Here's Bill Gates' Prediction on Facebook's Metaverse Fate

Metaverse concept is the user will have avatar and attend meetings in virtual rooms as well as interact with other avatars. “The idea is you’ll eventually use avatars to meet people in virtual spaces who replicate feelings in actual spaces with them,” Bill Gates explained.

However the Metaverse remains to be connected with the device, i.e. headsets and virtual reality glasses for activities.

Even so, the use of Metaverse still takes time. As well as there must also be good will from users and employees before the vision of working in the Metaverse world comes true.

In addition, expensive devices are also required to activity in Metaverse. It is the one that can capture the expression, body language and quality of the user when it comes to the virtual world.

“We’re approaching the threshold as technology starts really imitating shared experiences in the office,” he explained.


So far there have been several companies expanding virtual world with Metaverse goals. There is Facebook that renamed Microsoft’s Meta, Roblox, and Minecraft.

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