A Time When Virtual & Metaverse World Is Called the Future of Things

A number of popular technology companies have reportedly joined the campaign The section in assists metaverse development. So far there have been several companies developing a virtual world with the goal of that virtual world. There’s Facebook renaming it as Meta, Roblox, Minecraft owned by Microsoft, Epic Games, Niantic, Decentraland, Nvidia, to Apple.

Metaverse is defined as a three-dimensional virtual world where users can gather there in digital forms like avatars, and perform complex interactions like in the real world.

A Time When Virtual & Metaverse World Is Called the Future of Things

A Time When Virtual & Metaverse World Is Called the Future of Things

In addition, the metaverse is also referred to as the next stageĀ· an experience of existing humanistic technology, and blurring the boundaries of the physical and digital world. This also allows for new business models, ranging from commerce, entertainment, community, as well as improving the way digital communication works.

Streamed from Read Write, Metaverse becomes open world di where its users can interact with the environment and with each other. This social interaction function is judged to be important because humans explore space while connecting with others.

This is what makes the world’s games open like Fortnite very successful, because of the social interaction elements in it. Metaverse called will enable social and cultural exchanges and can be integrated organically into everyday social life.

Reported from Market Insider, Metaverse’s revival is also create new investment opportunities, ranging from digital land to digital designer goods. This was also enthusiastically welcomed by investors with the sophistication of the crypto here.

Next year, too, is projected to increase in use the emerging, decentralized finance is growing. Then metaverse and NFT, which become digital representations of real-world artwork, music, or video, will become increasingly popular, crypto assets are expected to rise in value even higher.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates on his personal blog also write that there have been some surprising recent developments related to digital activity. He also alluded to Metaverse, where the virtual world it was called will change the future of the employment model, which is also driven by a pandemic.

“One should not assume that the quality of the software which allows you to have a virtual experience will remain the same. Innovation acceleration has just begun,” he was quoted as saying, Tuesday (14/12/2021).

As for said he, in the future, the company will be more flexible on his employees to work remotely. No longer have to work from the office like the present. The 2D meeting in question is a platform used for online meetings such as Zoom or Teams. While Metaverse presents everything in 3D

“That change will only increase in the coming year. On the next two or three years, I estimate most virtual meetings move from a 2D image grid to Metaverse, a 3D space with digital avatars,” he continued.

Bill Gates believes, instead of physically meeting in space office, people will use avatars to interact in the same way using motion capture technology and spatial audio to make Metaverse feel like real life.


It’s worth noting that Microsoft last month launched Mesh, platform for virtual teams to collaborate in 3D space using customized avatars. On Microsoft’s official page, Microsoft Vice President Jeff Teper says Mesh is built from the Microsoft 365 Teams feature that makes remote and hybrid meetings more collaborative and immersive. Microsoft 365 Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive used to deliver signals that the user has been in the same virtual space.

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